Ages 9 to 10

Course Instructions


The swim is 100 yards long. Athletes will meet in the Swim Assembly Area (see course map) and be pre-staged by waves. Waves will move to the pool deck for the start of the swim. The swim will begin on the north side (the assembly area side) and will be across the 25-yard wide pool and back two times. We will have two athletes swimming per lane. After finishing athletes will exit the pool and WALK to their right to the pool exit. Volunteers will be there to assist. There will be signage and volunteers to direct athletes to the Transition Area located in Parking Lot C immediately in front of the pool facility.

Transition #1

In the Transition Area athletes will prepare for the bike portion of the event. Helmets MUST be worn and buckled. An unbuckled helmet will result in disqualification. Bikes must be walked to the exit (Bikes Out) of the Transition Area. There will be a bike mounting area outside the Transition Area. Volunteers will be in the Transition Area and bike mounting area to assist athletes.


The bike segment is 4 miles long. The bike course is shown on the map. Athletes will follow the course out of Lot C through the east exit and turn to the right onto the campus perimeter road. The course will be marked by cones and signs. Riders will stay to the right hand side of the road. It is an out-and-back route that consists of two loops. Each loop will be to the one-mile turnaround point and back. Both loops return to Lot C with the first loop bypassing the Transition Area but the second loop ending at the Transition Area dismount location. Riders will be marked on the helmet with a colored sticker to denote the completion of laps.

Riders MUST have the appropriate slap bracelet (1 ) to demonstrate that they have ridden the entire course. The bracelet will be placed at the end of the first full lap.

The one mile turnaround point will be clearly marked and volunteers will be there to direct riders. Riders should be careful of other triathletes who are on the bike course.

Transition #2

Riders will stop and dismount in the bike dismount area and walk to and in the Transition Area. Helmets may not be removed until the athlete is at his/her Transition Area location and has placed the bike in the rack. The athlete will then prepare for the run segment. There will be volunteers to assist the athletes. The athlete will walk to the Run Out exit from the Transition Area and follow the cones and signs to the running track.


The run is 1/2 mile or two laps of the course. The track will be used this year. The course will be run in a counter-clockwise direction. Signs and volunteers will direct athletes. Caution should be used while running as there will be other runners on the course who are doing longer distances and will be running multiple laps. At the end of the first lap you will receive a plastic "slap" bracelet that denotes you have completed that lap. You MUST have the slap bracelet at the finish. The finish line will be to the inside of the course through the large arch on the soccer field. Athletes will walk in the finish line chute and stay in the order that they cross the finish line. Chip timing will be used so the finishing athlete can go directly into the finish corral. The athlete will receive a participation medal and may proceed to the refreshment area.