The 16th Annual Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon will be held on Sunday, June 7th, 2014 at De Anza College in Cupertino. Silicon Valley Triathlon Club and Threshold Racing Inc are proud to put on this fine community benefit event. We will need a lot of volunteers for race day as well as pre-event goodie bag stuffing and set up the day before. Anyone who has worked this event can tell you that it is a BLAST!! You meet many SVTC club members, see lots of kids in action, have some good food, and get that great feeling that comes from giving back to our community. All net proceeds go to the Silicon Valley Children's Fund.

Please click the volunteer button below to fill out the form to sign up for a volunteer area. You will be asked for your name and email (required) and a phone number (optional but helpful). After you sign up, we will receive a confirmation from you automatically. There will be further instructions on this web page well in advance of the event. Please encourage friends, family, co-workers and others to volunteer for this great event. Thanks!

NOTE: You may only sign up for one race day volunteer activity since the times for these activities overlap. However, you may also sign up for the Saturday pre-race setup and/or the Sunday cleanup in addition to your race day volunteer activity as these do not conflict with the race day activities.

Volunteer for the 2014 Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon on Racemine

Saturday, June 6th:

Set-up - 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm  - You will come to De Anza College and help SVTC Kid's Tri committee set up a majority of the course for the Kid's tri. This includes light, moderate and heavy physical exertion. Please bring a hat, sunscreen, and work gloves.

Sunday, June 7th: Race Day - 7:00 am to 1 pm

Set-up - These volunteer slots are for those early birds who can help the commitee set up the remainder of the course and get ready for the start! For those who can help us for the duration of the event or for those who can only do a few hours.

Swim - You will help out on the pool deck with all aspects of the swim. Helping kids in and out, counting laps and ensuring the safety of the kids in the pool. Lifeguards will be on hand, so you don't need lifeguard experience.

Bike - The biggest group of volunteers are needed on the bike course. It is a closed course on the campus, but volunteers will be spread out. The main focus here is safety and cheering on the kids as they make their way through the bike course.

Run - The run course is on the De Anza track. You will help kids count their laps and ensure the safety of the participants as they make their way around the track and into the finish chute. It also entails a little "traffic control" of parents and adoring fans.

Transition Area - The "heartbeat" of the race course is in transition. You will help all the participants find their way to their gear after the swim and bike and get them off in the right direction. It can be very busy in transition, so communication skills are a must. It definitely involves some "traffic control!"

Finish Line/Awards/Goodies - What a great place to be when the kids come into the finish chute! You'll help with giving them their medals and some water!

Food - The food folks help out in the food tent for the kids, and/or could help our food committee members deliver food to volunteers on the course. Any way you "slice it," this volunteer opportunity is all about the food! Lots of prep and lots of fun!

Fluids - You will be set up in strategic places around the venue to offer kids water and keep them hydrated!

Registration - Registration includes several aspects of getting the kids (and their parents) ready and headed in the right direction. Checking them in, handing out bib numbers and wristbands, body marking, giving them their goody bag, etc and sending them off to set up in transition. This can be a slightly hectic place, especially when lots of kids show up at once to register. Need folks with great communication and organization skills.

Tear down - Help the kid's tri committee break everything down so it looks like we were never there! This entails light, moderate and heavy physical exertion. Make sure you bring a hat, sunscreen, and work gloves.

Volunteer for the 2014 Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon on Racemine

Please take a minute to read the instructions below for volunteers. Thanks!

Volunteer information for race day:

Thank you again for volunteering for the SVTC Kids' Triathlon. It will be a blast!! We still need people and I’ll take anyone who wants to join us! If you know ANYONE who would like to help you, please have them contact us up to the day before the race. I will take any volunteers who show up on Sunday morning too!

Please be cognizant that we need volunteers to be at their venue BY 7:00 am. The race starts at 8 am and we need everyone to be in place and briefed by the captain of that venue before the start. So, give yourself some time to get here and check in, get some coffee and find your venue.

  1. Enter De Anza from Stelling. Those that plan on staying all day can park in the Lot C garage, but you cannot leave until it’s over. You should park on the end closest to Stelling, not on the campus side as parents/athletes will be entering the garage on their way to the Transition Area and we don't want cars blocking the path. You must pay $3 for parking – no exceptions and the campus police will ticket you! Make sure you put your parking receipt on your dashboard, clearly visible.
  2. PLEASE check in at the volunteer tent/tables prior to going anywhere on the course. I might have had to shift you at the last minute to a different venue and it's real hard to keep track of you once you get there if you don't check in. You'll need to get your orange volunteer vest too. When you leave, please return the vest to the volunteer check in area. There will be refreshments near the check in area in the morning.
  3. It might be a little chilly in the morning, but will heat up. Layer your clothing, bring sunscreen, and a hat.
  4. Bring snacks and water. We have both available but it's smart to bring a few items in case we can't get out to you as quick as you may need it. Lunch will be provided.
  5. Once you get to your assigned area, there will be a captain to brief you on your duties.

The last little racers probably won’t be done until 1 p.m. If you can stay to help tear down the event, PLEASE DO! The committee really could use the help! THANKS AGAIN!