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Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon

Sun July 14, 2024 Cupertino, CA 95014 US

- Swim

The pool entrance is to the right of the pool building as you face registration. Volunteers will direct athletes and spectators to the correct areas. Do not try to enter the pool directly from transition. If you are trying to cross a timing mat to get to the pool, you are going the wrong way. Ask a volunteer to redirect you.

All athletes start their race at the pool. This includes Duathlon participants. Participants in the Triathlon will swim and then run to transition. Participants in the Duathlon will not swim, but run directly to transition. 

To get to the pool from Transition, use the designated EXIT shoot. The pool entrance is on the right side of the Pool building past the Porta-potties.

Swim Flow

No parents on the pool deck. This is for the safety of the participants. There is on exception: For the younger athletes 6 & Under, ONE parent who is prepared to swim with their child will be permitted; no others will have pool deck access. This parent will have a green wristband. NO WRISTBAND = NO ADMISSION

Swim Drop Off Process - the same for the Triathlon and the Duathlon

  • Drop your athlete at the pool area approximately 20 min before their wave starts.
  • Do this AFTER Registration
  • Do this AFTER setting up Transition
  • Once your athlete is in the swim area, if they are swimming, go around to THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POOL to watch them race; to watch your duathlon athlete, go to the bike course viewing area
  • We will be staging athletes up to three waves in advance of their start times 

Once we call for a wave, athletes will be guided to a seating area on one side of the pool.

Swim volunteers will not be able to look up start times for specific athletes. They will only know the start times for each wave. The athlete’s wave number and start time will be in their registration packet

The wave number will be on their right shoulder as well

If your athlete has special swim needs (i.e. not a strong swimmer, apprehensive, etc.) be sure to mention this to the swim volunteer at intake. The swim volunteer will then make sure this information is passed on appropriately and discretelyPrescription glasses – Athletes should hand their eyewear to the volunteer for their swim lane and retrieve it after the swim. If they can see well enough to run to transition without eyewear, consider leaving their glasses in transition so they don’t have to remember to pick them up.


  • Athlete should wear snug fitting swim suit only (no cotton or loose-fitting shirts)
  • Cotton gets wet and is heavy and is a swim hazard in the water
  • Snug fitting rash guards are ok as long as the athlete has experience swimming with them beforehand
  • Athlete should be prepared to swim with their own goggles and/or swim cap if they use them
  • Don’t leave shoes on deck
  • The pool area is not shaded so be sure to apply sunscreen before dropping off athlete
  • Make sure athlete is well hydrated
  • Make use of the porta-potty near registration BEFORE entering the pool area; there will be no open restrooms in the pool area
  • Two athletes to a lane; Any swim stroke is allowed; flip turns are allowed
  • No warming up prior to the swim start
  • Lifeguards and/or volunteers will be assigned to monitor the lanes

Non- and Poor Swimmers 
It is under the discretion of the Lifeguards and Swim Volunteers to pull your child from the pool if they do not think it is safe. NO CHILD WILL BE FORCED TO SWIM. They will be allowed to continue the triathlon once everyone in their wave has exited the water. Any child that is pulled from the swim is NOT eligible for awards but will still receive a medal. 

The only permitted swim aids are an approved safety device such as a personal flotation device (swim vest) or a kick board or Coast Guard approved Kids Swim Vest (similar to Floaties but with the arms attached to a belt), Be sure your child can swim if they lose their grip on the kick board. If a swim aid is used, you must bring it. We will not provide swim aids.

We encourage all athletes to participate and have FUN. However on occasion some become apprehensive with the swim and change their mind about doing it at the last minute. This is OK. NO ONE has to get in the water for any reason if they don’t want to swim.

ANY Parent/guardian trying to force an unwilling athlete to swim will be removed from the pool area immediately. 

If you think there is a good chance your athlete will balk at swimming, consider switching them to the Duathlon ahead of time.

Even though duathlon participants do not swim, they do go to the pool because that is where the duathlon’s first phase (running to transition) starts. Everything listed above for the triathlon besides the actual swim applies to the duathlon too.

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